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4NT Video Club


The students in 4NT were really keen to express themselves by making videos on certain topics.


The students are learning to plan their videos by preparing storyboards and scripts so when they come to make their video they know what they have to do. The students have had some great ideas which has allowed for some constructive conversations about serious subjects.


So far the students have covered topics such as friendship, rules and staying safe online. 

Green Screen - Wild and Wonderful


FE4 used the greenscreen as part of their Wild and Wonderful places topic. The students (and adults) had a great time dressing up as lions, snakes and safari leaders. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

KS3 Gifted and Talented ICT Spring 1


In KS3 Gifted and Talented ICT lessons, they have been learning about what makes a good photo while also identifying the aspects that make up a bad photo.Philips HandyCam


The first week students got to grips with the Philips HandyCam they were going to be using. They took photos of things in the room and then as a group they critiqued each others work looking at why they thought it was a good photo and areas they could improve on (blurry, head cut off, finger over the lens!).


The following week they began to work in pairs taking photos of each other. 


With the photography getting better the students again took photos of each other then they uploaded them to the computer as independently as possible.


The next lesson was exploring and using photo manipulation software to change the look of the images.


The students began using Fotor. It is similar to apps you might get on your phones this meant the students could see the effects on the image straight away.



The next bit of software the students used was Using their photos the students changed the Hue/Saturation levels turning their images into an Andy Warhol type images.


Armed with all the knowledge they needed they could then set about editing 4 images to create their own Warhol style collage. 

Using Fotor

Using Fotor 1
Using Fotor 2
Using Fotor 3
Using Fotor 4
Using Fotor 5


Using 1
Using 2
Using 3
Using 4