Woodlands Secondary School

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Covid-19 Updates

Parent/Carer Update Friday 5th March

We look forward to welcoming most of our children back into school on Monday. It has been a long time coming and although we won’t be returning to a full timetable (community visits are still limited) the routine and social aspects of school will boost all of our pupil’s well-being.


Please take your child for a Lateral Flow Test over the weekend if they are returning to school for the first time since lockdown on Monday.


Important Information

The number of positive cases of Covid-19 is falling and we want this to continue. We will still have strict Covid precautions in place in school. Despite having the initial vaccine we have still had positive cases of the virus in school. This has been picked up by of rigorous testing programme. Please continue to keep your child at home if they are unwell. Lateral Flow Tests will be sent home on the week beginning 15th March (earlier if we receive them). It is really important that you complete these tests at home twice weekly and let your class teacher know the result.


We are hopeful that transport will continue to maintain the school ‘bubbles’. The routes may be slightly different as may the timings of the pickups and drop offs so please bare this in mind next week.


Students in Years 7 – 11 will be expected to wear uniform as of 8th March. We have plenty of stock of sweatshirts as I would imagine many of them will have grown. Please wash the uniform daily as the virus can live of fabric for up to 72 hours. Students can come to school in PE kits on the day they have PE.

Free School Meals

The vouchers for FSM will cease this week. As of Monday 8th March if children are shielding or self-isolating food parcels will be available.

The will be vouchers for the Easter holidays but as yet the LA do not know the funding allocation so the vouchers may be for less.

Operation Encompass

The school has signed up to be part of the Operation Compass project. This means that if the police are called to an incidence of domestic abuse they will automatically inform school the following day. This will allow school to put in immediate support for the child or young person from our therapeutic team. 

Have a lovely weekend.


Parent/Carer Update – Friday 26th February 2021

With the weather improving and the roadmap out of lockdown, it does feel like we have an end in sight. It’s a long way off but if stick to the rules life in the summer term could look very different. As the majority of our staff have had the vaccine we are able to expand our numbers as of next week. Unfortunately transport was unable to support with this so we will have more parents picking up and dropping off just for next week.

Pick up and drop off week beginning 1st March 2021

Please ensure you use the one-way system and queue down the slip road where temperatures will be taken. Do not drive straight into the car park. Please exit via the new gates onto Lygetun Drive. You will be asked what are your preferred drop off and pick times so alleviate congestion and ensure children’s safety in the car park.

Drop off choices – 8.45/9.00/9.15

Pick up choices – 2.45/3.00/3.15

Full Return to School – 8th March 2021

Please note all children are due back in school on 8th March unless they have a shielding letter.

  • School uniform must be worn.
  • FSM vouchers will cease unless a bubble is closed to self-isolate.
  • Transport will be in place for those who are entitled.
  • Children will be in class bubbles, social distancing will be in place and masks will be worn in communal areas. Windows will be open to ensure good ventilation.
  • The weekend before your child returns to school please take them for a Lateral Flow Test (if they are able to comply with it). Please forward the results to the class teacher via email.
  • You will receive a consent form for LFT in school for the weeks beginning 1st/8th May. We will then move to home testing and kits will be sent home with clear instructions.

School Catering

We are moving to a new catering company after the Easter holidays. I have meet with them and it was extremely positive. They use all fresh ingredients and will continue with halal meat.


It looks like we are in for a few days of good weather so enjoy the weekend.

Stay safe and please remember to stay at home. We are still only allowed to go out for exercise locally and only meet one other person for exercise.


Parent Update 12th February 2021

Half term is next week and I know it will be hard for families with so few things available to occupy our children. Please remember that at the present time we are not allowed to:

  • Socialise with other families
  • Travel to see friends and families in other towns or other parts of the country
  • Go to other people’s houses for visits or sleepovers
  • Have people to your home for non-essential reasons e.g. haircuts

You are only allow out of your home for:

  • Daily local exercise
  • Essential shopping
  • Work

The numbers of conformed cases are falling in Luton which is fantastic news. However if we do not follow the rules over half term, numbers will rise again and we will remain in lockdown.

Free School Meal Vouchers

These were sent out to families who are entitled to FSM’s on Tuesday 9th February via email. You should have received vouchers for three weeks to the value of £45.

Return to School

The Government are due to make an announcement on the 22nd February about children returning to school. As soon as we have confirmation of dates we will be in touch to let you know our plans. The sooner we can return to normal the better.

Parent Consultations

We will be organising Parent Consultant Evenings on the week beginning 1st March. Your class teacher will be in touch to organise a meeting either by phone or via Zoom. Hopefully we will be able to see you face to face by the Summer Term!

Thank you

Thank you for all your support this term. This has been such a difficult time for everyone and your patience and forbearance id much appreciated. It has been fantastic to see the students engaging so well in online learning – I am really proud of them and you as parents for joining in the lessons and supporting your children to learn at home. You are all AMAZING!

Have a lovely half term.


Parent and Carer Briefing – Friday 29th January 2021

January is over and we are slowly creeping towards spring and hopefully the easing of lockdown.

Lateral Flow Testing is going well in school – it is helping to keep us all safe until we get the vaccine. I know there is a lot of scare mongering on the internet but it really is the way out of this pandemic so please have the vaccine if you are given the opportunity.

Home Learning

I would like to say a huge thank you to all parents and carers that are supporting home learning. We all understand what a challenge it is but is lovely to see so many parents involved when I am dropping into lessons. If you are struggling to engage your child please don’t worry. Life is stressful enough at the moment without us adding extra pressure. Do what you can and let the class teacher know if it is an issue via email and we can try to tailor the work to motivate your child. You are all doing an amazing job – go team Woodlands!

To try and enrich the curriculum we have dance, drama and music sessions delivered by external professionals who do not know the children. If you could ensure the name on the screen is correct it would really help them to engage the students.

You do this by clicking on the 3 little dots on the top right corner of the screen. There will be an option to ‘rename’. Click on that and type in your child’s name.

Half Term

There had been some rumours that schools would be open over half term but the DfE have confirmed that all schools will be closed that week.

Head Teacher Recruitment

The advert for the Head Teacher is in on the Luton jobs page and in the TES. We may have candidates looking around the school in the next few weeks but they will have a LFT and I will make sure we socially distance. The closing date for applicants is 21st February 2021 and interviews are on the 8th and 9th March.

Accessing Virtual Learning

Caroline Lowry (Assistant Head) and the IT team are doing a brilliant job of narrowing the digital divide by providing devices for pupils. I am thoroughly enjoying joining virtual lessons however I have noticed that a lot of children are joining lessons using phones which is hugely expensive if they are using mobile data. Could you let the class teacher know if you do not have Wifi in your home and we can support you to apply to one of the Government or LA schemes which will be much more cost effective moving forward.

Study of the Effects of Covid-19 on Young People with Autism

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We would like to invite you to participate with your child in a study we are conducting. We are a group of psychology students at Middlesex University. We are researching the effects of covid-19 pandemic on secondary school students with autism and their parents. We recognise that the pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures have affected everyone, but the associated changes and restrictions can be particularly hard for individuals with autism.

This will involve interviewing you and your child to find out your experiences and mental health during the time of the pandemic. This project will be supervised by Frauke Elichaoff from Middlesex University. The interviews would be taken by psychology students, Marjana, Elif, and Mohammed, the interviews would be remote so it would take place on Zoom, during any hours that are suitable for your liking, and will be between 15 to 20 minutes. You and your child's participation in this research will be kept anonymous and all information will be treated confidentially. This participation is voluntary so you may withdraw at any time of the interview. If you would like to participate please email and will send you an information sheet and consent forms. We can arrange a suitable time for the interviews.

If you have any questions or concerns about this research please could you contact my supervisor, Ms. Frauke via email at

Many thanks in advance for your consideration for this project. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Kind Regards,

Elif, Mohammed & Marjana, ,


Have a safe weekend - there is more snow due!



Parent/Carer Update – Friday 22nd January 2021

This week I have been dropping into Zoom lessons to see the students and get a feel for how online learning is going. I would like to thank all the staff involved in the delivery of lessons online – they are doing a fantastic job. Who would have thought this time last year that we would be delivering lessons every day via Zoom! We didn’t even know what Zoom was!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to parents who are supporting sessions – your efforts and hard work are very much appreciated.

Free School Meal Vouchers

Hopefully everyone who qualifies for FSM vouchers has received them for the first two weeks of term. From now on we will send a £30 voucher out every other week on a Monday. The next vouchers will be issued on Monday 25th January 2021 and then on the 8th February 2021.

If you are struggling to find or use the vouchers please let us know.

Lateral Flow Testing

Staff are currently being tested weekly and this will increase to twice weekly next week. Consent forms for students that can self-test will be sent out next week.

Vaccination of School Staff

I have been working with the local Public Health team (who have been incredibly supportive throughout the pandemic) to prioritise special school staff for the vaccine. I am hopeful we will be moved up the priority order which will hugely reassure staff. 

Please remember that we are currently in full lockdown which means STAY AT HOME unless:

Leaving home

You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You may leave the home to:

  • shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person
  • go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home
  • exercise with your household or one other person (in which case you should stay 2m apart). Exercise should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.
  • seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse)
  • attend education or childcare - for those eligible


We all need to follow these rules if we want to stop this virus and get all our children safely back in school.

Stay safe this weekend.


15th January 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,

What a week – I seem to be saying that every week at the moment!

We have had several positive cases of Covid-19 in school this week. Two of these were picked up by our Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) and both people were asymptomatic. A number of children have developed symptoms and have tested positive. We currently have 4 bubbles self-isolating. Thank you to the parents that have had to collect children at short notice – your patience and understanding is really appreciated at this difficult time.

Lateral Flow Testing

We are now testing staff weekly (or more often if needed). We will be sending out consent forms for children in school next week and we will work through how to administer the test, with appropriate students, so they can self-test.

Free School Meals

We will be sending out vouchers via HUGG (the same system used at Christmas) at the beginning of next week. They will be for £15 a week and back dated to the beginning of term. Please check your emails early next week and also your junk/spam/trash folders as they sometimes end up in there.

Increasing Numbers in School

Following advice from Public Health we will not be significantly increasing our numbers in school from the 18th January 2021. We will review this regularly but until infection rates across the town start to fall our risk assessment deems it unsafe to do so.

We are currently in’ the eye of the storm’ and advice is clear – Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

If you are a critical worker and need a place in school please contact your class teacher via email.

If your child is struggling to access online learning, again we would ask you to contact your class teacher to see how best we can support you from home.

We will review places in school on an individual basis. If you have already been in touch to request a place we should have been in contact you to confirm this.

I am sorry that at this point in time we are unable to accommodate everyone who would like a place but the safety of the children and the staff has to be my biggest priority. We will review the situation again at the start of February and if the demand for places has increased we may move to a rota where children have a week in school followed by a week off. This would mean there is a 9 day gap when children are not in school and would help reduce the spread of the virus.

Message from the Physiotherapy Team

The Physiotherapy Team are still available to contact on 01582 346 000 should you have any physiotherapy questions or concerns. If your child is not already known to this team- a referral will need to be completed before an assessment can be arranged. 

Watch for other possible Covid symptoms

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms  – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness.  The most common are:

  • A temperature
  • A new persistent cough
  • Loss of taste and smell

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. 

Increasingly in school people have experienced the symptoms below which may also be COVID-19:

  • Fever or chills
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

If you or any members of your family are experiencing any of these symptoms please do not send your child into school until you have all been tested and received a negative result.

Have a safe weekend. Please stay at home, do not mix with other families and together we will beat this terrible virus.



Dear Parents/ Carers


Happy New Year! What a start to 2021!


As you will have seen on the news the opening of secondary schools for the spring term has been pushed back to the 18th January 2021. As all of the children at Woodlands have an EHCP we are going to open the school next week but not until:


Thursday 7th January


This will give us time to review our risk assessment in the light of the new variant of Covid-19 and ensure we are doing all we can to prevent the spread of the virus.It will also allow us time to plan how and if we can deliver Lateral Flow Testing in the way the government have asked us to. We will certainly test staff weekly and seek advice from Public Health on the requirements for special schools and testing students. Learning activities will be provided via the website and email for Tuesday and Wednesday.


I fully understand that this is a very worrying time and if you would rather  your child remains at home until the 18th January 2021 and access remote learning then as a school we will respect this. 


On Tuesday 5th January your class teacher will be in touch with you either by email or phone to ascertain whether you would like your child to return next week. If you choose to keep them at home then remote learning will start on Monday 11th January. Please let your class teacher know if you need to borrow a device from school to access remote learning.


We must do all we can to stop the spread of the virus. Please take your child for a Lateral Flow Test before they return to school and let the class teacher know the result via the class email. If this is an issue please discuss it with the class teacher when they get in touch with you. Please see the information below from the LA. 


January Return to School – Pupils and staff 

Schools should encourage all pupils to have a rapid test (for people who don’t have symptoms) before the start of term. The test centres are open 7 days a week, 8am-8pm (closed on 1st January) and are based at Farley Community Centre, Lewsey Community Centre and the Central Library.  


We are going to do everything we can to keep the school open and as I have said many times before we cannot do this without your help and support. If staffing becomes unsafe due to high levels of absence we may have to go to a rota system where students only attend part time. In some parts of the school this had to happen before Christmas and I have to say a huge thank you to the parents of those children for their support and understanding.


We have a training day on Monday 4th January and there will only be one member of staff in the office so please direct any questions to class staff via email on Monday. Please do not contact staff before Monday.


Kind regards,




Hugg Parent Guide - FSM vouchers

Parent/Carer Update – Friday 4th December 2020

Another week and another bubble closed due to a positive case of Covid19.

As we approach the holiday season please be extra cautious when sending your children into school. Self-isolation means that you cannot leave your home or see your family over Christmas holidays and I don’t want anyone to be in that position.

If in doubt get a test – results seem to be coming back within 24 hours. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Lateral Flow Testing will be available in Luton from the middle of next week. This will give you a test result in about 30 minutes. I will send out more details as soon as I receive them.

Flu Vaccinations

A message from the vaccination team

Achieving high flu vaccination rates is essential to protecting our children and communities during the COVID pandemic and from preventing the NHS from being overwhelmed this winter. A national decision has therefore been made to offer the inactivated flu injection that doesn’t contain pork as an alternative for children whose parents declined the nasal flu vaccine for their children on account of the porcine content. The Fluenz nasal spray remains the most effective flu vaccine for children however if you would prefer for your child (one for each child) to receive the injectable flu vaccine please let us know by contacting your local Immunisation Team on: 0300 790 0594 to book a clinic appointment.


Christmas cards

If you would like to send Christmas cards please restrict it to your child’s class bubble this year. Please send them in the week beginning the 7th December (next week so they can be quarantined for 72 hours in line with Covid precautions). I am sorry that we have to go to these extremes but it is important to keep everyone safe.


Christmas Jumper Day

Next Friday is Christmas Jumper Day! If you are able to please send in £2 for Save the Children.

Don’t forget to guess the weight of the enormous turnip and bid on the Christmas cake on our Facebook page.

Official Woodlands Secondary School

Have a lovely weekend.




Guidance - Local restriction tiers: what you need to know






Luton COVID-19 update from Interim Director of Public Health Lucy Hubber and Councillor Khtija Malik

26 November update.

17th November 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


We have been informed of a number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the school. Those bubbles have been closed and those who have been in direct contact are self-isolating.


This letter is to update you of our current situation in school.


Staffing is reaching a critical level in some departments.


We are using supply staff where possible but we need to be careful not to cross bubbles and spread the virus.


We have an increasing number of staff self-isolating which means that some classes may have to come into school on a rota basis for a short period of time. This will be class specific and time limited until the staff return.


You will be notified by the department leader if this is the case and please be assured we will try our absolute best to avoid this happening.



General COVID information


What to do if your child develops symptoms of COVID 19


If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19 they should remain at home. Arrange for a COVID test via or by calling NHS 119 and inform the head teacher.


If their test is negative and they can return to school when they are well.


If their test is positive they will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the date when your symptoms start. All your household members must self-isolate for 14 days.


The date of symptom onset is day zero.



The symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

• recent onset of new continuous cough or

• high temperature or

• a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia).


For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness. If you are concerned about your health or the health of anyone else in your house please seek advice from your GP or NHS 111 by phoning 111.




There are things you can do to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19:


Further Information

Further information is available at


Yours sincerely,


Debbie Foolkes


Head Teacher



Parent Update 13th November 2020

Lockdown 2 is without doubt a challenge. We have staff off shielding and self-isolating and it is a real challenge covering classes without moving staff between bubbles. We are using regular supply staff to support each bubble but that does mean that at times children will be working with some unfamiliar staff.

Temperature Checks

Covid-19 infection rates are rising alarmingly in Luton. If students arrive with raised temperatures we will do the following:

  • Allow time for them to cool down (particularly if they have been in a warm car/minibus with a coat on)
  • Retest with an ear thermometer
  • If the temperature remains high then parents will be called and asked to collect and take them for a Covid test.
  • Students will not be allowed into the classroom with a high temperature.
  • Students will not be allowed back into school until we see a negative test results or have isolated for 10 days.


The website below is a great e-safety resource from the NSPCC. It lists popular apps used by our students, their suitability by age and how to make them safe. It is easy to use and will help you to keep your children safe particularly when using tablets and phones.

Children in Need

Thank you for supporting Children in Need today. Our students love a non-uniform day and although not as good as the real thing our Zoom disco is a great second option.

School Video

We have made a promotional video of the school because we haven't been able to show new parents around the school due to Covid-19. There is a new school (Windmill Hill) opening in Luton in September and I am part of the steering group. In the light of Covid it was agreed that both schools would make a promotional video and release it on the 23rd November.

It is an incredible video and makes me really proud to be Head of Woodlands School. It is a joyous celebration of our students and staff and I will share it via the website next Friday. It will be on social media platforms on the following Monday.

My understanding is it was leaked by some staff yesterday evening so the link has been made private until the agreed time frame. My apologies for this, as it feels unfair that some parents have seen it and some haven’t. It will be worth the wait.

If you are celebrating this weekend I wish you a Happy Diwali.

Stay safe,






Update for Parents/Carers – 6th November 2020

Lockdown 2 is upon us and we are determined that the school will remain open and the timetable is as close to normal as possible.

What we have found to date is that even though we have had confirmed cases of Covid-19 in school it has not spread to other students and this is down to the stringent measures we have put in place to keep our children and young people safe.

You may have seen in the news that secondary aged children now have to wear masks in public areas of the school. We have been encouraging students who are able to wear masks to do so since September, so our stance on this will not change. If your child if happy to wear a mask during transition times please send in a reusable one and we will support them to learn how to wear it safely and properly. There are some children who are not able to wear a mask as it would heighten their anxieties and that is absolutely fine. All staff continue to wear masks when moving about the school.

Extremely Clinically Vulnerable Students – Advice from the Government

‘More evidence has emerged that shows there is a very low risk of children becoming very unwell from COVID-19, even for children with existing health conditions. Most children originally identified as clinically extremely vulnerable no longer need to follow this advice. Speak to your GP or specialist clinician if you have not already done so, to understand whether your child should still be classed as clinically extremely vulnerable.

Those children whose doctors have confirmed they are still clinically extremely vulnerable are advised not to attend school whilst this advice is in place. Your school will make appropriate arrangements for you to be able to continue your education at home. Children who live with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, but who are not clinically extremely vulnerable themselves, should still attend school.’

If this is the case please send a copy of the letter from the GP/Consultant into school so we can code the absence correctly on the register. Otherwise children are expected to attend as normal.

Your opinion matters

The situation with Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon so it would be really useful know how you feel we are doing. I have done a quick questionnaire that will only take 5 minutes of your time. Click on the link below to complete it. If you don’t agree with a comment please add a comment so we can be sure we address your concerns.

Foodbank Donations

We raised £252.00 for the Food Bank through our Harvest Festival. Thank you for your kind donations.


Have a safe weekend particularly if you are having fireworks.


Parent Carer Update 23rd October 2020

What a half term! The staff have been amazing and are ready for a well-deserved rest. I hope that you feel supported by the school and if you have any suggestions or ideas please get in touch as we are keen to develop our offer to families. It’s going to be a long winter so we need to work together to keep the school open and our children and young people learning and thriving.

Health and Safety

I asked a Health and Safety representative from Luton Borough Council to come into school and check that our COVID precautions are adequate and we are doing everything we can to minimise the spread of the virus.

Her response is below: 

Thank you for giving me the time yesterday to take me around the school and showing me the Covid-19 measures you and your team have implemented. I observed that the environment, organisation of learning and systems in place will help reduce the spread of the virus. You have worked hard to ensure the school is safe for the pupils at Woodlands during this pandemic. Your measure are both suitable, sufficient and meet the Covid-19 guidance.


Family Fund

Some parents have expressed concerns about borrowing devices from school in case they were broken whilst on loan. The family fund are supplying devices to reduce the digital divide and they will belong to you. They will supply laptops and tablets (including iPads in very robust cases). Follow the link below to apply online.


Contact during Half Term

Over half term should a member of your family have a positive COVID test please contact me via the email address below. Please let me know via this email:

The school will be closed and the office unmanned for the half term week.

It is easier if I know about positive cases straight away as we can plan and inform families within that bubble via email.

Parent Governors

I had no response to the parent governor forms I sent out recently. The forms do make it seem a little daunting but if you are interested please give me a ring after half term and I can explain what the role entails.

Food Deliveries whilst Self-Isolating

Feedback from some parents has been how difficult it is to get food deliveries if you have a child that is self-isolating. Morrisons offer a phone service with next day delivery which may be helpful. Remember to tell them that your child attends a special school and has additional difficulties.


I hope these updates are helpful. Next term I will be sending out feedback questionnaires. Thank you for your understanding this half term – none of us like virtual meetings and I cannot wait for a time when we can return to meeting parents in school for Annual Reviews, Parent’s Evenings and celebrations.

Enjoy half term. Stay safe and well.



Update for Parents/Carers – Friday 9th October 2020

We are looking forward to welcoming back our Pathways classes and staff on Monday – it has been very quiet without them. It has been lovely to see so many students from Pathways engaging in Zoom sessions during the self-isolation period.

Every time we have a confirmed case of COVID we review our risk assessment and look at ways of tightening our procedures.  We have refined our bubbles making them smaller so if there is a positive case it will impact less children. Staff do not work across bubbles, staff rooms have been split further to ensure bubbles do not cross at lunchtimes and staff and members of the leadership team no longer share offices or work spaces.

You can help us keep to reduce the spread of COVID by:

  • Not sending your child into school if they or a member of your household is display COVID symptoms.
  • Ensuring your child wears clean clothes daily
  • Minimising the bags etc coming into school
  • Adhering to the current restrictions in place in Luton to reduce the spread of the virus.

I am so proud of the students and staff for the way they have responded to this crisis. Although the corridors are eerily quiet, the classrooms are busy and vibrant. Learning looks slightly different but it is challenging and fun and our children and young people have learnt to accept this ‘new normal’. They are amazing and a lot more resilient than we give them credit for.

Flu Vaccinations

If parents have missed the clinic in school and still want their child to have the flu vaccination they should contact the Immunisation Team on the following number;-   


Tel: 01234 310408 (Ext: 7408)


Free School Meals (FSM)

If your child is entitled to FSM and you are having to self-isolate due to COVID you can collect a food parcel on a Friday from school.  These can be collected from 10.00 from reception. Please ring from the car park and we will bring it out to you.


Harvest Festival

The Luton Food Bank are really struggling for donations at the moment due to COVID. Rather than bring food donations into school (which can transmit infection) they have asked for donations of money. We plan to have a non- uniform day on Friday 23rd October and suggest a donation of £1 per child that can support families in need across Luton.


Parent/Carer Update – Friday 2nd October 2020

The new one way system in the car park is up and running and is much better. However the exit onto Lygetun Drive is proving problematic due to cars speeding round the corner. I have asked the council to improve the signage but in the meantime we will cut back the trees and I have ordered a concealed entrance sign which should be in place early next week.

Please be careful when pulling out of the new gate.

Flu vaccinations

These will take place on Tuesday 6th October 2020. We are asking parents to accompany their children and if possible come into school during the time slots below:

09.30 – 10.15 – KS3

10.15 – 11.00 – KS4

11.00 – 11.45 - FE

11.45 – 12.30 - PMLD

12.30 – 13.15 – Lunch

13.15 – 14.30 – Pathways

I do appreciate that with commitments these time slots may not be convenient so if you let the class teacher know via the daily emails we can slot you in at a time that suits.

Please park in the café car park (entrance by the FE College building) and a member of staff will log you in and contact the relevant class.  You will need to remain in your vehicle until it is your child’s slot.

I have tried to get another date for children that are self-isolating but been unsuccessful. There are going to run Saturday morning clinics in the community and as soon as I get the dates I will let you know.

Positive Cases of COVID

We have had positive cases in school and acted swiftly to close bubbles and prevent the spread of infection. Affected areas are being deep cleaned. Remote education is being offered to all students self-isolating. For those in the Pathways Department the link is:

If your child presents with any of the symptoms of COVID please take them for a test even if you think it is only a seasonal cold. Anyone with a new persistent cough, a temperature or a loss of taste or smell (I appreciate that not all our children would be able to tell us this) should be tested.

I think the weekend is going to be wet and windy so safe and warm.



Parent/Carer Update – 22nd September 2020

This is your daily email to keep you updated on the government’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Translation of guidance for parents and carers on early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

 We have translated our guidance for parents and carers with children in nursery, school, or college in the autumn term.


 The guidance is now available in the following languages:

The information below hasn’t changed since our last update.

Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline is available to answer questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline by calling:

Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm


Parent/Carer Update – 18th September 2020

Once again a huge thank you to all parents for keeping your children at home if they are unwell or showing symptoms of COVID 19.

There are so many possible scenarios we have spent the week trying to clarify the advice we are giving parents. Hopefully this will help.

  1. If your child has a temperature, a new persistent cough or has lost their sense of taste or smell then ring 119 or go online to book a COVID test.
  2. If you have a child with any of these symptoms then none of your children should go into school until you have the results of the test.
  3. If the test is negative then all children can return to school.
  4. If you cannot get a test or your child will not allow you to carry out the test then they must stay at home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms.
  5. Any other family members must self –isolate for 14 days.
  6. If your child is sent home from school because they are displaying symptoms you must collect your other children and follow the steps above.

As you will have seen in the media it is very difficult at the moment to get a test. The tests are released in batches from 08.00 to 20.00 so it is worth trying throughout the day. We are told this will improve in a few weeks!

Flu Vaccinations

The flu vaccinations will take place the week beginning 5th October 2020. More than ever this year it is really important that our children and young people have the vaccination. All children who have the flu vaccination will need to be accompanied by a parent. The vaccinations will take in the training room, parents will park in the café car park and wait in the car until they are called. You will be given an hour time slot and can arrive anytime during that hour. When you park in the café car park a member of staff will log you in and contact the class to bring out your child. 

A letter containing a link to an online form will be sent out early next week via ParentMail.

Parent Governor

We have a vacancy for a parent governor. The role of a school governor is extremely important. Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school. It is a strategic role that involves supporting the school vision, ensuring financial probity and being a ‘critical friend’ to the Head and the Leadership Team. Parent governors should have a school wide perspective and be focused on outcomes for all cohorts of children and young people.   I have attached the paperwork to this email and if you are interested please complete the application return it to school. Currently all meetings are being held via Zoom. Visits to school are being replaced by meetings with specific staff to gain a greater depth of understanding of areas on the School Improvement Plan.


Letter to Parents/Carers – 11th September 2020

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you as people are being really cautious when children are unwell and keeping them at home. Any sort virus, be it a common cold, sore throat or flu will reduce the immunity and make someone more susceptible to COVID. Keeping children home will speed recovery and prevent the spread of minor ailments and hopefully keep the virus at bay.

Meetings in the Autumn Term

Certainly for the Autumn Term we will conduct all meetings virtually. The school are using Zoom which can be accessed via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you do not have access to a device to attend a virtual meeting please contact the school. Attached to this letter is a guide to using Zoom for those unfamiliar with it.

Home Learning

If we get a confirmed case of COVID we may need to close down a ‘bubble’. At that point I would seek advice from Public Health England. We would continue lessons remotely and therefore it is crucial that your child has access to a laptop or tablet. Please let us know if your child don’t have access to device at home and we can apply for one on your behalf. This would be a loan device and be for educational use only but it will ensure that learning can continue virtually.

COVID Testing

There has been a lot in the news about not being able to get tested quickly if you are displaying COVID symptoms. I know people have had trouble getting through on 119 and booking tests. I understand from the nurses that COVID tests slots are released several times during the day so keep trying. There is a walk in testing centre at Hockwell Ring Community Centre and you can be tested the same day. You should only use this if your child is displaying symptoms. You should get the results within 24 hours.


Have a great weekend,




I have attached the Parental Code of Conduct to this email.

Documents linked to 11th September Newsletter

Friday 4th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


It feels so good to have the pupils back in school and they are all adjusting to the new ‘normal’. It was fantastic to see how pleased they were to be back and see them settle so quickly into life at school and new routines.

Having these two days has allowed us to refine our plans and ensure that our risk assessment is updated to reflect this.

Staff and some pupils are wearing masks when moving around the school but when in classroom bubbles they are removed.

The timetable reflects the COVID restrictions and will be regularly reviewed as the situation changes. At the moment there is:

  • PE outside or in class groups in well ventilated rooms – on the day PE is timetabled please send your child in wearing PE kit/tracksuit.
  • There will be no community visits this half term
  • Swimming will be reviewed at half term
  • Choir and assembly – will be done virtually on an internal YouTube Channel.
  • School facilities e.g. gym, dance studio, garden will be accessed in small groups.
  • Therapists will be in school. They will wear PPE and work in classrooms with students.
  • School meals will be delivered to classrooms on trolleys. Meals will be eaten in the classroom.
  • Each department bubble has its own entrance.

For the first half term all meetings will be held virtually via Zoom to reduce the number of people entering the school environment. For the time being we are not using home/school books and the class teacher will feed back on the day via email. We have a policy in school that we do not email before 8am or after 6pm to ensure the work life balance for our staff. If you email after 6pm you will not receive a reply until the next working day.

The adaptations to the school car park should have been completed in the summer holidays but I am told it will be finished next week. This will provide a safer drop off area for students in wheelchairs and a one way system with an exit on Lygetun Drive. A huge thank to parents who are dropping off their children for being patient and following the current one way system. There may be some waiting but it does mean the car park is orderly and most importantly safe.

School Transport (PTU) have informed us that if you have applied for school transport or are awaiting the result of an appeal it could be two weeks before you are allocated a place if you are successful.

It has been a difficult year but with your support we can keep the school open and the children safe in their bubbles. You have been incredibly supportive throughout this pandemic and although we will not be able to see many of you face to face we aim to set up virtual events to keep you up to date with your child’s progress. More information on these events will follow once the term is in full swing.


Stay safe.


Debbie Foolkes

Head Teacher



Dear Parents/Carers,


I just wanted to give you an update prior to the start of term on Thursday 3rd September.


COVID 19 Update

School will open to all students. In order for this to remain so, we will need all families to be extremely vigilant about COVID 19 and keep your children at home if they show any symptoms. I know that some students will suffer from colds and seasonal flu throughout the winter but in order to keep the school running effectively you will need to keep them at home until they have been tested.


If one child comes in with COVID 19 then the whole bubble will be closed and that will affect the education of up 80 children and 50+ staff and their families.


If in doubt HAVE A TEST. You will get the results within 24 hours.


If you want your child to be in school, we must all play our part and not take risks or chances. We have some very fragile children in school who may not survive coronavirus so please do not send your children into school if they are unwell in any way. If your child is unwell please notify school by telephone (not via the transport) on the first day of absence.


All children and staff will have their temperatures taken before they are allowed in school. If your child has a temperature you will be expected to collect them immediately and take them directly for a test. Please ensure that you are able to do this.


School Bags and Home/School Books

We want to minimise the amount of unnecessary equipment that comes into school and back into your homes. The virus can live on plastic for 72 hours so please only send in essential items. If you don’t need to send in a bag then please don’t. For the time being teachers will email daily rather than use the home school books. Sports kits/tracksuits should be worn instead of uniform on the day the children have PE. Children should have their own labelled water bottle.

Swimming will not start until after half term at the earliest.

Packed lunches can be sent in a lunch box but preferably a disposable plastic bag.



All children except those in FE are expected to wear uniform. On the day your child has PE they can wear PE kit/tracksuit.



School lunches will be available for children eligible for Free School Meals and for families who wish to purchase them. There will be a limited choice of hot meals as they will be delivered to classrooms by trolley. Children will eat in classrooms.



Government guidance is that all secondary aged students (that are able to) should wear masks when moving around the school in corridors and on transport. As this is going to be part of life for the foreseeable future we will encourage students (and staff) to do so when moving around the school building and on the journey into school on PTU transport.


Students that have allocated a place on LA transport

  • School are unable to provide information on pickup and drop times please contact the PTU. At this time they will be unable to provide precise information - please bare this in mind.
  • Children will be transported in their department 'bubbles' e.g. KS3, KS4, FE, Pathways and PMLD.
  • This may mean the routes will be slightly longer than usual as the pickups and drop offs will be across Luton. This is in line with Government guidance and is unavoidable at this time.
  • The buses may be earlier or later than usual but you will need to be patient for the first few days as the drivers and escorts get used to the routes.

Students being dropped by parents/carers

  • The one-system planned has not been completed by the contractors over the summer.
  • Parking will be very limited on site so will be directed by school staff.
  • A one way system will be in place to ensure the car park is safe.
  • Please enter the one way system by the FE block and queue down the slip road. You will be directed by school staff into a parking space.
  • Please remain in your car until a member of school staff takes temperatures and they will take your child into school.
  • Please do not gather by the doors or come into the foyer.
  • We will talk to individual families on Thursday and Friday to arrange staggered pick up and drop off times to ensure that the car park is safe and waiting times are not excessive. Mornings - 8.45, 9.00 or 9.15 and Afternoons - 2.45, 3.00 or 3.15.

This is a difficult time for all of us and priority has to be keeping all our students and staff safe. The timetables will be different as will many lessons but we will do our best to create a 'new normal' where children will learn and thrive. We look forward to working with you all this year. Initially all meetings will be via Zoom or over the phone as we will try to limit face to face contact certainly for the first term. We will constantly risk assess the situation and I will give you weekly updates via Parentmail, the website and social media.


Kind regards


Debbie Foolkes

Head Teacher

Woodlands School


Update 3rd August 2020


We continue to monitor and situation both nationally and locally and are working towards a full opening in September. Ultimately this will not be our decision as we are advised by Public Health, the Local Authority and the Government.


As you are aware things change very quickly at the moment and any updates will be via the website, social media and Parentmail.


Please do not ring the school for information. 


Hopefully transport will be in touch later in the holidays. They are working on routes that try to keep the children and young people in department 'bubbles'.


Please be assured as soon as I know anything I will share it with parents.


Stay safe,



Letter from the Director of Education for Luton

                  Update for Parents 17th July 2020


As we break up for the holidays I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support through this difficult and hugely worrying time.


Some of our students will find returning in September difficult and we are happy to work with you to support them. We have two training days on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September and then students are back on Thursday 3rd September 2020.


You will be contacted directly by transport over the holidays. They are working on transporting children in ‘bubbles’ so it is massive logistical task so please bear with them. If you have any questions please contact:


We Are Luton Summer Support

Over the summer period We Are Luton can help with the following:

  • Telephone advice for parents
  • Online mentoring and youth groups
  • Free school uniform

We Are Luton can also support people who are experiencing financial hardship with:

  • Free learning resources
  • Free school shoes
  • Free toiletries for teenagers
  • Free activities for 8 - 12 year olds
  • Emergency food parcels.

If you want to access any of these services please visit


Please check the website for updates but unless the situation in Luton or nationally changes radically we will be opening in full in September.


Take care and stay safe,




10th July 2020 - Update for Parents


Planning for September

Thankfully I have very little to update you on this week. Infection rates in Luton continue fall and hopefully this remains the case over the summer. You will have all seen the plans I shared last week and we continue to work towards Plan A (full opening) on:

Thursday 3rd September 2020



We have shared our plans with transport and they are looking at how they can safely bring students into school, staying within their department ‘bubbles’. They will contact you directly during the holidays with the information for September.

The Travel Assistance Team are just beginning to process new applications and will contact families directly.

If you move house or your child has changed their wheelchair during lockdown please contact the Travel Assistance Team and the PTU on the email address below to inform them.

The school will not be notified of transport decisions or route plans until September so if you have any queries please contact them directly.


Use of Technology in September

We are moving into an age of virtual communication. COVID-19 is not going away any time soon so if you need support to develop your skills using Zoom we have information sheet or we arrange training in September. Certainly for the foreseeable future annual reviews and meetings will be virtual and not face to face. Personally I cannot wait to talk to people face to face but at least the use of technology will allow us to keep moving forward.


Communication through the holidays

I will do an update next week and then have a break for the early part of the holidays. If anything changes or if there are important updates I will of course update the website and send out an email via Parentmail. During the last two weeks of the holidays I will post updates on the website on the 21st and 28th August.


Take care and stay safe.




Return and Recovery Plans Woodlands School - September 2020


As you are probably aware the Government has announced that all children will return to school in September. However, our experiences this term have taught us that the situation can change very quickly. As a consequence of this we have put together three potential plans for September.

Our intention is that Plan A will go ahead and all children will return in September unless the situation in Luton with COVID-19 changes.


Government guidance published 2nd July:

It is our plan that all children will return to education settings full time from the beginning of the autumn term. Returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their well-being. Time out of an education setting is detrimental to cognitive development, particularly for disadvantaged children. This impact can affect both current levels of learning and children’s future ability to learn, and therefore we need to ensure all pupils can return to their setting sooner rather than later. Attendance will therefore be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term. There cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to account for every scenario. Education setting leaders will be best placed to understand the needs of their settings and communities, and to make informed judgements about how to balance delivering a broad and balanced curriculum with the measures needed to manage risk.


Essential measures include:

  • a requirement that people who are ill should stay at home
  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning arrangements
  • active engagement with NHS Test and Trace
  • formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school or college and wherever possible minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable


How contacts are reduced will depend on the setting’s circumstances and will (as much as possible) include:

  • grouping children together
  • avoiding contact between groups
  • arranging classrooms with forward facing desks
  • staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff


The school office is only partially manned over the summer holidays. In order to avoid a huge volume of phone calls all communication will be via the website, social media and Parentmail. A decision will be made as to how we will be proceeding, in the week ending 24th August 2020.  This will be based on advice from the LA and Public Health England.

Parents will be informed by Parentmail, the website and social media should we need to follow Plan B or C.   Your class teacher will inform you whether your child is in week one or week two during the last catch up of the term should we need to instigate Plan B.


For children being transport by the PTU

Buses will be running at capacity so children will not be socially distanced. Transport are looking at how best to do this to keep students within their ‘bubbles’ however, if you can teach your child to wear a face mask it will potentially reduce the spread of infection as we head towards the winter months.







Plan A

  • The virus is in decline nationally
  • The number of cases in Luton falling.
  • The ‘R’ number is under 0.9
  • Social distancing is 1m.

The majority of children will return to school in September.


Children will be in department/class ‘bubbles’.


Lunches will be in classrooms.

Children who are extremely clinically vulnerable will have individual arrangements

Slightly reduced day for the first half term (to be reviewed).

Arrival time 9.00am

Departure time 3.00pm

The ‘extra’ time will be used by school staff to ensure bubbles are set up safely and to allow time for cleaning.

All staff in school.

All children to wear school uniform.

Plan B

  • The virus is increasing nationally or locally.
  • The 2m social distancing rule is reinstated.
  • Partial lockdown, national or local is reinstated.

Children will come into school for a week with a normal length day and then have a week off.


Children will be in department/class ‘bubbles’.


Lunches will be in classrooms.

Vulnerable and Key Worker children will attend full-time.



Autumn 1

Group 1 children will be in school on the week beginning:

7/9, 21/9, 5/10, 19/10


Group 2 children will be in school on the week beginning:

14/9, 28/9, 12/10


All staff in school

All children to wear school uniform.

Plan C

  • There is a second spike in the virus.
  • Full lockdown is reinstated either nationally or locally.

The school is closed to most students.

Vulnerable and Key Worker children will attend full-time.



School will reopen with Plan B when restrictions are lifted.


Staff on a rota.

No uniform required.


School website:


Official Woodlands Secondary School


Update 26th June 2020


Following the Government announcement on Friday 19th June we are looking at the best way to get all our children back into school safely in September. Social distancing is being relaxed to 1m which makes life a little easier. We are working with our colleagues from transport to find the best and most efficient way to get children to and from school safely. Although the timetables may look a little different, our planning will ensure children will be in class groups with consistent staff.  Parents of children with complex health needs will be sent a questionnaire next week asking about provision for September. School is closed over the summer but I will keep you updated via the website and social media with our plans. Obviously all our planning is dependent on the number of cases of COVID-19 declining in Luton.

18th June 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


We have begun to increase the number of children attending school based on the following criteria:

  • Vulnerable children and the children of key workers

  • Parental requests for a place

  • A thorough risk assessment of the ability of the child to socially distance and follow good hygiene practices

  • The availability of appropriate PPE for staff working with children who cannot social distance.

We are working with individual families to try and tailor support for students who will find the changes in school difficult. Students may not be:

  • in school full time

  • In their usual class groups

  • In their usual class rooms

  • With familiar staff all the time

  • Following the usual curriculum

We are aware this may cause anxiety but much of this is beyond our control.

At this time we are not insisting that any child or young person attends school unless they fall into the vulnerable/at risk category, due to safeguarding. It has been entirely a parental choice.


For those that are in school we have rigorous cleaning protocols in place, temperature checks, social distancing both around school and in the classrooms. All pupils have their own equipment on their desks, no bags/home/school books or clothing is permitted to come into the building. Parents are contacted at the end of the day by email, spare clothing is being kept in school and pupils just bring in packed lunches in a labelled lunch box. Movement around the building is limited, pupils who are brought into school on transport are two/three to a bus and each department has their own entrance and exit. Students brought into school by parents are collected from cars by staff. All meetings are conducted virtually and there is limited access to the school for professionals and parents.


For those pupils unable to attend school school staff have kept in touch with families by telephone every other week, throughout Lockdown, to check in on how the pupils and families are, to supply school work and information about activities that can be carried out at home and to follow up on any issues arising. 

We are of course planning for September but the information coming from the Government at the moment is very unclear and changes daily. Free school meals is a really good example of this, there was a complete u-turn on Monday and vouchers will now be provided over the summer which is great news for a great many families. 

We will have a plan to share before we break up for the summer and we will stick to it unless there is a second spike and schools are forced to close again. It is unlikely that ‘normal’ schooling will resume even in September so we are looking at how best to meet the needs of all our students.


We are at the end of the phone if you need us. I am in school every day and the family workers are available if you need support.


I understand some parents are concerned about the lack of support from the school during this pandemic and I am happy to address individual concerns. Please contact me. Throughout this difficult time we have tried to support families and have individual conversations with parents about when/ how their child can return to school and this has been entirely parental choice, the exception being if they have a shielding letter.

As requested I will send out a weekly update via email and the website.


Kind regards,


Debbie Foolkes

Head Teacher

Many parents are asking if schools will be open after Easter. This is the latest guidance from the Department for Eucation.


Updated guidance for parents and carers on the closure of education settings


1.3 How long will schools and colleges be closed for?

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, schools, colleges and childcare providers will be closed to the majority of pupils until further notice.


Woodlands will therefore following this advice and be closed for the majority of pupils until further notice.


Stay at home and stay safe.

Free school Meal Voucher Update


The week beginning 23.3.20 voucher is coming from a company called Wonde, and they say the email to the parent should go through by the end of the week.


The week beginning 30.3.20, and all future weeks, is coming from a company called Edenred, who are the supplier operating the DfE run scheme. Every school in the country is registering so this may take a little time however our account has been updated to say an eCode is being delivered, so hopefully this will be emailed to the address provided. 


Ten parents requested a physical voucher from the Edenred scheme, those relating to week beginning 30.3.20 were posted first class on Friday.

20th March 2020 – Coronavirus Update


Woodlands Secondary School will be closed to all students and staff until Monday 30th March.

We will re-open on Monday 30th March for students in the following groups only:

  1. LAC students.
  2. Students on a CP or CIN plan.

Both these groups will be required to attend school.

     3. Children of Key Workers


Key Workers are those people identified in the Key Worker list identified by the Government advice:


If your work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in one of the critical sectors listed below, and you cannot keep your child safe at home then your children will be prioritised for education provision:


Health and social care

This includes but is not limited to doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, care workers, and other frontline health and social care staff including volunteers; the support and specialist staff required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector; those working as part of the health and social care supply chain, including producers and distributers of medicines and medical and personal protective equipment.


Education and childcare

This includes nursery and teaching staff, social workers and those specialist education professionals who must remain active during the COVID-19 response to deliver this approach.


Key public services

This includes those essential to the running of the justice system, religious staff, charities and workers delivering key frontline services, those responsible for the management of the deceased, and journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting.


Local and national government

This only includes those administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the COVID-19 response or delivering essential public services such as the payment of benefits, including in government agencies and arm’s length bodies.


Food and other necessary goods

This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods (for example hygienic and veterinary medicines).


Public safety and national security

This includes police and support staff, Ministry of Defence civilians, contractor and armed forces personnel (those critical to the delivery of key defence and national security outputs and essential to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic), fire and rescue service employees (including support staff), National Crime Agency staff, those maintaining border security, prison and probation staff and other national security roles, including those overseas.



This includes those who will keep the air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the COVID-19 response, including those working on transport systems through which supply chains pass.


Utilities, communication and financial services

This includes staff needed for essential financial services provision (including but not limited to workers in banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure), the oil, gas, electricity and water sectors (including sewerage), information technology and data infrastructure sector and primary industry supplies to continue during the COVID-19 response, as well as key staff working in the civil nuclear, chemicals, telecommunications (including but not limited to network operations, field engineering, call centre staff, IT and data infrastructure, 999 and 111 critical services), postal services and delivery, payments providers and waste disposal sectors.


If you are a key worker and need your child to attend school, please complete and return the form below by Tuesday 24th March at 5pm in order that we can plan to safely look after your children.


Please click on the link to submit information


We need to know these names and numbers in order to ensure we have enough school staff available to support the children, to provide school meal, to ensure transport is available for those entitled to it and to ensure we can address medical needs.


Thank you for your continued support at this difficult time.




19th March 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Firstly my apologies for the lack of an update today both the website and ParentMail crashed due to the sheer volume of traffic.


I would like to give you the rationale behind our decision to close the school as of Friday 20th March.

  • A large proportion of our staff are either ill or self-isolating. Those in self-isolation will not be back in school for 14 days. Following a risk assessment yesterday it was decided it was unsafe to remain open beyond the end of the week with the number of staff available and rate people were developing symptoms.

  • Our children require structure, routine and familiar and well-trained staff to deliver the curriculum. We cannot currently provide this and this has led to an increase in student's anxiety and challenging behaviour. It will not be possible to ‘child mind’ children because this is not what they expect from school.

  • In our PMLD department children need trained staff to deliver medical interventions and personal care and this is not currently available.

  • Our students do not understand social distancing and proper hand washing so it is impossible to limit the spread of the virus among the adults working closely with them.


We were hoping for some further information from the DfE tonight but that has not been forthcoming.


Even after the Easter break it is highly unlikely that the school will not reopen fully as we have a number of staff that have underlying medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes who will need to seek medical approval before they can return to the front line. The Government would like all children with an EHCP to be in school but the reality is we need our staff back at work in order to do this.Our greatest priority is to keep our children and young people safe.


Please use the resources on the website daily to support home learning.


We will be working on a phased return starting with the children of key workers and the most vulnerable groups. The school will be deep cleaned and we will work with the PTU and school meals service to ensure that we can return to normal as soon as possible.


We will start working our plans next week and share them with you once they are finalised. We are living in uncertain times and we need to work together to support our children and young people.


Keep safe and well.


Debbie Foolkes

Head Teacher




19th March 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


After much thought and soul searching I have decided to close the school from Friday 20th March 2020, initially until after the Easter holidays (Monday 20th April). This may change and we will keep you updated via the website, Parent Mail and social media. We have a training day on Friday 20th so the last day the school will be open will be tomorrow Thursday 19th March 2020.


We are living in extraordinary times and this requires us to make difficult decisions. It is impossible to maintain the standards of hygiene required to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in a special school as our students do not understand social distancing and thorough handwashing. Our students fall into the vulnerable category and it is important we do everything we can to protect their health and well-being during this time of crisis.


The school has developed a Home Learning page on the website and we will continue to add to this during the closure period. There are work sheets, interactive activities, songs, videos and games. Please support and encourage children to access these.


This includes a social story to help our children and young people to understand the current situation. We will also upload videos and messages onto Facebook (Official Woodlands Secondary School).


We will have a skeleton staff in school during term time to pick up messages and respond to questions, coronavirus permitting.


Stay safe and well. Our thoughts are with you all during this difficult time.


Debbie Foolkes















































A copy of the school prospectus can be downloaded from the website.  

Paper copies are available, on request, from the school office.

If you have any other queries, please contact Sam or Natalie in the school office.