Woodlands Secondary School

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Further Education

I like meeting my friends my favourite lesson is cooking
i like going on bikes and going to the tuck shop dancing going to an
orceshra drumming choir i like doing nurmacy


by Tyrone

I like going to the gym
My favourite lesson is art
Another lesson I enjoy is ICT
My favourite food is fish and chips
I also like a lot of English foods
I enjoy playing on the iPad as it is really entertaining and fun
I like to play football I am also very competitive as I like to win

By Jack from FE2

I like doing the bike around the playground in circle.

I like doing the gardening.  

I like doing the colouring picture.

I like going on the computer.

this blog by daniyal

what I like doing at school is  the cooking I always cook pizza every Friday I also like doing ict enjoy every other activity  in school and judging by what I saw on the school website  it looks like everyone does a lot of exciting things and that's what I like about woodlands secondary school. 


this blog was made by Jamie from fe2

FE African Curriculum Day


This half terms topic has been 'Africa'. The classes have been learning about different aspects of Africa over the weeks. 


To finish the topic off during their Curriculum day students were able to take part in some African drumming, dancing and they even got to try some authentic African food.

Lion King Trip - Lyceum Theatre


Some students from across FE had a brilliant trip to London to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre.


We are so grateful to the Happy Days Charity for funding this trip - the student reactions were amazing during the show. 

A lucky group of students were also selected to go on a backstage tour after the performance.