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School Council 2021/22

Eco Council Minutes - May 2022

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Student Council Minutes - October 2021

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Woodlands School Council - Summer 2021


During the summer term 2021, we held Student Council elections.  Some of the students created posters and wrote speeches and the following bunch of students were elected or chosen to be the School Council representatives for the coming year. 


KS3 - Rose and Connor

KS4 - Hayden and Natasha

FE - Evie and Dylan

LOFT and BASE - Alex

Pathways - Usman and Hamdaan

PMLD -  Ahmed and Lucy

School Council Priorities 2021 - 2022

The School Council has two main priorities over the next year:

1.  To be an Eco-Committee and work towards the Eco Schools Green Flag Award

2. To develop Student Wellbeing


The Student Council will also be driving forward initiatives of their own choosing, so who knows where this will lead us!


Eco-Committee update July 2021

The students have picked up on the work started by Kerry Rees and the previous School Council, prior to the Covid pandemic. 


During the summer term 2021 the new school council succeeded in gaining the Bronze Award.


Thank you to Selina and the students for their hard work so far.