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February 2019


The School Council recently met and had a very productive meeting. Lots of ideas were discussed for how we can raise money for the school.


The council members were keen to get new football posts for the playground so a Cake Sale is being held in the Tuck Shop on Wednesday 13 February.


Students and staff are reminded to bring in some money that day so they can buy a homemade cake and help raise funds for the equipment. 

The school council members are also arranging a car wash where staff can pay to have their cars cleaned. This will be happening soon so watch this space!


The School Council recently met over lunchtime to have a look at what they feel needs to be the focus this academic year.  The amazing community cafe was definitely the number one priority. 


The council want to raise money for cafe equipment and have suggested the following two options:

1.  A cake sale in the cafe so people can see the cafe and help to raise money for it.

2.  A car wash (when the weather is better).


The School Council also wants to see the cafe open in the evenings and music being played. These ideas will be put to the Senior Leadership Team for them to discuss so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates for fundraising activities.


The Pathways and PMLD departments have had their say on what they feel the cafe should include and what items they would like to see in it......cakes and hot chocolate were a firm favourite.


The next School Council Meeting will be in early January 2019 so we will update you again after the meeting.