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Alternative non worksheet based learning activities

Identify/name the object i.e. table, chair, sink fridge etc.

What sound does the word begin with, t for table, d for dog

Describe an object

How do you spell?

How many items can you find beginning with the letters; a,b,c,d, etc.

Sort objects into groups colour, size, pens , pencils, knives, forks spoons etc

Count objects, coins etc

Name coins, add coins

Life skills

Lay the table

Clean the table

Wash up

Dry up

Put equipment away

Get equipment out

Make bed

Sort washing into whites, coloured, black etc.

Pair socks

Write a list

Help cook dinner

Make a sandwich

PMLD Parent challenge:

Each day try and find a minimum of two things for the student to see, hear, smell, touch and taste. 

What interesting things can they SEE?

What interesting sounds can they HEAR?

What different things can they SMELL each day?

What different things can I TOUCH?
(Remember I can touch with my feet, face, arms and back, not just my hands)

What can I TASTE?

Free Resources to Print and Use



Twinkl is a site we use in School, in response to the coronavirus, Twinkl is offering Twinkl Ultimate free for a month, to help keep children learning at home. Visit create a free account and enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS to set up your free month of Twinkl Ultimate.



As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread worldwide, HelpKidzLearn wants to ensure that teachers and students stay connected and children continue their learning at home with minimum disruption. Here is a list of resources available for parents to use at home during this period and beyond: HelpKidzLearn - Free


Widgit Online

To make symbols for students we use Widget Online. Widget is offering a free 21-day trial which might be useful to you if your child is not able to come to school but needs symbol support. If you would like to know more follow the link


Interactive Online Activities