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Who's Who

The Senior Leadership Team:

Sandra Clarke - Headteacher 

Caroline Lowry - Deputy Headteacher  

Lindsey Lucas - Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral and Safeguarding)

Terry Stevens - Assistant Headteacher (SENCo and Assessment)


                             Sandra                        Caroline                        Lindsey                        Terry

The Middle Leadership Team 

Our Department Leaders join the Senior Leadership Team to form the Middle Leadership Team

Key Stage 3 and PMLD - Becky Geary

Key Stage 4 and FE - Nicole Tulloch

Pathways Lower - Sharon Knight

Pathways Upper - Dani Goodhew

Provisions - Soozi Kirby



            Becky                           Nicole                         Dani                        Sharon                      Soozi


Deputy Department Leaders

Key Stage 3 - Duncan Griffin

Key Stage 4 - Lisa Saxby

FE - Nicky Hart

Pathways - Joanna Sheeran

PMLD/PD - Helen Rolfe



             Duncan                        Lisa                          Nicky                        Joanna                     Helen


Family Work Team 

Family worker - Janet Kay

Family worker - Adeline Shuter

Assistant Family worker - Shazmeen Malik




                                            Janet                               Adeline                         Shazmeen

Therapy Team 

Speech and Language Therapist - Alison Dear