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30 Things you can do at home


1. Make or change your bed

2. Tidy your bedroom

3. Have a shower or bath

4. Brush your teeth

5. Make breakfast for you and your family

6. Make a shopping list of food and or household items that you may need

7. Work out how much money you need to shop 

8. Organise everything you need and go shopping and plan how you will get to shops

9. Put food and household items away in the correct place

10. Make lunch or tea following a recipe

11. Clean up after cooking

12. Do the washing 

13. Operate the dishwasher

14. Clean the car

15. Clean the house, hoover, polish, wipe down cupboards etc

16. Watch a movie

17. Write a report about the movie reviewing your thoughts.  Was it good, if so what was good about it?

18. Keep a daily diary of what you are doing to keep fit and healthy (this could be writing, scrapbook style or photos)

19. Caring for my family.  If a family member if poorly make them a drink or get them a snack to make them feel better

20. Go outside in the garden and play a game 

21. Go outside in the garden and do some weeding, planting or mow the lawn

22. Call a friend or family member on your mobile or send them a message to see how they are

23. Bake a cake following a recipe to measure ingredients

24. Relax and do some yoga

25. Exercise - star jumps, squats, push ups, sit ups etc..

26. Read a book

27. Watch Newsround keep up to date with what is happening but don't worry

28. Play a board game or do a puzzle with your family

29. Listen to music 

30. Keep smiling