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Cafe Update

Debbie talking about the new Cafe and Skydiving! on 3 Counties radio 11/10/18

Woodlands School Governor Leeroy, talking about the Cafe on 3 Counties Radio 08/10/18


Our cafe needs a coffee machine!




Woodlands School is a secondary special school situated on Marsh Farm in Luton.

At Woodlands we believe that learning is a life-long journey and we aim to inspire and support our children and young people to achieve their full potential. Our broad and balanced curriculum focuses on functional learning and incorporates life-skills to support and promote independence. To support work related learning opportunities we have raised funds to convert a space in school into a community cafe that will be run by young people with special educational needs. We are proud of our school and we want the cafe to be a real community asset.
Every cafe needs a coffee machine and this will cost over £3,000. We aim to raise this money by completing a tandem skydive.  Six members of the Leadership Team (Lindsey Lucas, Caroline Lowry, Kerri Bailey, Sarah Appleton, Nicole Tulloch and if enough money is raised Debbie Foolkes - the Head!) have volunteered to do this and every one of us is terrified of heights. We have paid the deposit so there is no turning back now!

On the 17th November 2018 we will leap out of the plane and hoping not to take the expresso route to earth!

Students, parents, families and friends we need your help. You want frothy coffee give us 5 (£) for a dive!!!

All the money raised will go towards our coffee machine and other equipment for our community cafe and we hope to open in January 2019.


If you would like to support us you can do so at our go fund me page