School Logo

Woodlands School Vision and British Values

Our Mission Statement: 

To empower children and young people with the skills and attributes they need to become successful adults. 



At Woodlands we believe that learning is a lifelong journey and we aim to inspire and support our students to achieve their full potential. Our curriculum offer is tailored to the individual needs of the young person.  Our broad and balanced curriculum focuses on functional learning and incorporates life skills to support and promote independence.  Woodlands Secondary School provides a vibrant fun and inclusive learning community where all members, students, families and staff are continuously learning together.

We believe that children and young people learn best when they are happy and emotional wellbeing is a high priority for all members of our community.

At Woodlands we keep the young person at the centre of everything we do, working closely with parents, professionals and other stakeholders to ensure that every opportunity is maximised.

At Woodlands we aim to:

  • Promote functional communication skills, including the use of alternative and augmentative communication (AAC).
  • Facilitate student voice and listen to what students say, what matters to them and what makes them feel safe.
  • Involve students in decision making and making choices in a range of situations.
  • Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of individual students and helps them prepare for their life in school and the wider community.
  • Ensure that learning is functional and is focused on developing skills which will support transition to adulthood.
  • Create a learning environment that encourages students and staff to be the best they can be.
  • Focus on individual wellbeing by supporting students to develop confidence and positive self- esteem.
  • Equip students with the tools which will enable them to successfully develop their resilience (dealing with disappointment and managing change) both in school and into adulthood.
  • Equip students with the tools to regulate their behaviour to the best of their ability and to have a better understanding of other people’s behaviour, both in school, the community and in adulthood.
  • Meet students’ physical, sensory, medical and therapeutic needs, in collaboration with other professionals.
  • Promote physical wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Work closely and in collaboration with parents, carers, the Local Authority, other professionals and key stakeholders.
  • Ensure a successful and positive transition into Woodlands and the later transition to post school provision by working with students, parents and post school agencies.
  • Encourage independence, confidence and involvement in the school community and the community beyond the school gates.

We promote Woodlands Values and British Values by:

  • Encouraging student voice by working with the school council to listen to ideas and to implement suggestions and ideas.
  • Empowering all stakeholders to have a voice – working together for the benefit of students
  • Nurturing confidence, promoting independence and empowering our students to make good decisions and choices.
  • Delivering a curriculum which is both fun, challenging and embraces creativity.
  • Providing an environment where students feel safe in order to thrive and learn.
  • Creating an environment of high expectations, where students embrace challenge and have positive attitudes towards life and their learning.
  • Creating a school and service ethos that is firmly based on mutual trust, respect, empathy and understanding.
  • Developing work related learning opportunities (where appropriate) through the tuck shop, café, external placements and Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
  • Encouraging caring and thoughtful attitudes.
  • Promoting equality, embracing diversity, celebrating difference and challenging prejudice.
  • Developing emotional literacy skills, respect and tolerance.
  • Being honest regarding needs, difficulties and successes
  • Promoting healthy and active lifestyles.